Tyson Reeder: Beach Painting Club

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 24th 7-10PM
Otherwise, BFI is by appointment only.
Email info@basfisherinvitational.com for appointments.

BFI #BeachFrontImports
122 NE 11th Street, Miami FL 33132.
(Two blocks from Canonball and CIFO in Downtown Miami)

Living in Miami, the idea of painting at the beach perhaps is corrupted by legions of Sunday painters whose work populate doctor's offices and cruise ships with their crude representations of a tourist’s dream. Contemporary Art in Miami often comments on the perpetually-under-construction shifts of this city – and the nature that often threatens to overtake it. Rarely does it examine the beach itself.

Tyson Reeder is an artist with an expansive practice: with his brother Scott and fellow Milwaukee cohorts he started Club Nutz (a comedy club), the Dark Fair (an art fair in the dark), and the Milwaukee International (an art fair in a Wisconsin bowling alley). He is part of a group actively building community in the Midwest. As a painter, Reeder’s small-scale canvases have a darting energy akin to Impressionism painted on a jet plane. Reeder’s practice is an on-the-go yet in-depth exploration of medium, color, and vision.

Mr. Reeder creates florid, shimmering vistas without needing much surface area. The small works, like “Green Tree” and “Pink Horizon,” could be fragments of a Bonnard … its pastel palette and palm trees, suggests Polke in Key West.
-Karen Rosenberg, NY Times, 2011

What makes it all work is Mr. Reeder's confidence with color and his concentrated mixings of drawing mediums -- crayon, marker, pencil, watercolor, synthetic paint. If the images sometimes seem childlike, the surfaces are anything but; the best of them are deliberately wrought and beautiful -- and in their own way, deadly serious.
-Roberta Smith, NY Times, 2004

Coming from cold and windy Chicago, Reeder imagines his perfect art holiday is to get away and paint on the beach. In December 2011 & December 2012, Tyson & Scott Reeder set-up al fresco on the Deauville’s beachfront, sticking canvases in the sand and painting among the NADA Art Fair revelers. Their Beach Painting Club brought artists together to freely observe, frolic & paint. The paintings made during the 2012 event were sold as a Hurricane Sandy Benefit. Artists Spencer Sweeney, Aurel Schmidt, Jim Drain, Jess Fuller, Naomi Fisher (and many more) painted with the Reeders for this cause. BFI co-sponsored the 2012 event with the NADA pool party.

As part of BFI #BeachFrontImports WEIRD MIAMI initiative, artist Tyson Reeder has been invited to spend two weeks painting on South Florida Beaches. From January 5th until his show opens, Tyson Reeder will be on a South Florida beach somewhere painting. He invites you to join him on January 14 to sit and paint. (Beach location and time will be announced on www.basfisherinvitational.com.) Please join us for the opening reception on January 24th to see what happened.

For press on Tyson Reeder follow link below:
• Tschida, Anne. “Art On The Move”. Biscayne Times. May 2013. Web. http://www.biscaynetimes.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1480:art-on-the-move&catid=38:art-a-culture&Itemid=201

Additionally, Reeder hosted a WEIRD MIAMI bus tour on January 26 starting at 11AM. CLICK HERE to see photos from this bus tour.

This unique one-time only tour with Internationally-renowned artist Tyson Reeder will took participants to many beaches and postcard worthy views, with plenty of snacks and opportunities to sketch with the artist.


Tyson Reeder’s expansive practice includes co-directing an art fair with no lights (Dark Fair at the Swiss Institute NY 2008 and Dark Fair Cologne at the Kolnischer Kunstverein 2009), co-directing an art fair in a bowling alley (Milwaukee International Art Fair 2006 & 2007) and hosting Club Nutz (in Milwaukee, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago 2010, and at the Frieze Art Fair, London 2010). As an artist Reeder has had solo shows at Daniel Reich Gallery, NY; Green Gallery, Milwaukee; Jack Hanley Gallery, LA; and has exhibited at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, NY; Kavi Gupta Gallery, Chicago; Canada Gallery, NY; Willy Wonka Gallery, Oslo; David Zwirner Gallery, NY; John Connoly Presents, NY; and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Reeder is an artist and a community builder in the Midwest, a kindred spirit to the BFI. We are so excited to host his show!


All new BFI programming is part of Weird Miami. Through exhibition, events, and bus tours, Weird Miami offers publics a behind-the-scenes look at the city of Miami and its artistic and cultural offerings. BFI invites artists to create bus tours that reflect on one's relationship with the city, exploring South Florida as a site for cultural and artistic production.